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Alteryx Download Issue

6 - Meteoroid



I am encountering issues with downloading Alteryx Designer (+Predictive Analytics).


Each time, I am stuck at the following screen for at least a couple of hours with no progression. 



I have uninstalled (through the Control Panel) and tried re-installing Alteryx a few times.  I also disabled Norton's Firewall to see if that might help.  Unfortunately, I continue getting stuck at this screen.


Any help with resolving this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks. 

17 - Castor

Hi @IS2003 


Turning off firewall is a good step

Hoping that you have a good internet and you are not on VPN


Internet plays a huge role in installation.


If still facing issue drop mail to


Hope this helps 🙂

6 - Meteoroid

I am on a 150mbps internet plan.  


Will contact support. Thanks.

6 - Meteoroid

Quick update: lucky the third time around.  Did not make any changes from the first two but it worked after lingering on the Python screen for nearly an hour.  Thanks.

17 - Castor

Cheers 😀


Happy to help 🙂

5 - Atom

I had a similar issue.  I had to go into the folder where the Alteryx files were being stored and remove any files from prior tries at installation.  It seemed that after running the uninstall that a file still remained.  Also removed the .exe install file and retried the process again.  I was able to install after removing any old files.