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YXI import time - 9 minutes too long?


Just wanted to check whether I'm doing something wrong ... because it seems like our import time is really long at 9 minutes to import one YXI file (one dependency in requirements.txt).


Our company situation is such that we can't use pip through the firewall, so I followed the instructions to include the wheel in the YXI package, which is very helpful!


However, I think the import process must be doing something else, because the single wheel file I have in the project is not large (308KB), and I have been able to create venvs from the same miniconda in 10 seconds from the command line. Perhaps it's still trying to update pip and setuptools through the firewall? On the command line I use --no-index option to prevent this, could this be made an option in the import process? If I'm correct, I'll happily start an Idea ....

Sr. Community Content Manager
Sr. Community Content Manager

I suspect you're right. I second your idea to submit an idea, something along the lines of "Install Python tools without internet dependency." Out of curiosity, what happens when you completely disconnect from the internet before you try to install the tool?


Yep, that helped! It only took 1:29 minutes when disconnected from VPN altogether. I did find the details on the installation process after I submitted the above ... typical!


So it seems that the --upgrade pip and setuptools is my problem, which would make sense.


I've submitted an idea to make this easier for installing these tools in similar system environments.