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C# Engine Plugin with HTML GUI


Is it possible to pair an engine plugin made with C# with a GUI made in HTML?


I have a C# class embedded in a DLL which implements AlteryxRecordInfoNet.INetPlugin.  I copied that DLL to the Alteryx plugins folder.  Then I created a Config XML file to point to the DLL and class:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <EngineSettings EngineDll="MyPlugin.dll" EngineDllEntryPoint="MyClass" SDKVersion="10.1" />
  <GuiSettings Html="SsasImporter.html" Icon="RegexExtractIcon.png" Help="" SDKVersion="10.1">

Alteryx is able to find the DLL, but it cannot find the class within the DLL.  I get an error message saying: 'The entry point "MyClass" could not be found in the plugin "MyPlugin.dll"'.


Is it possible to mix and match the SDKs like this?  Is there some way for the HTML GUI SDK to tell Alteryx that the engine DLL is a .NET class?


Hi @tlarsen7572,

yes, it is definitely possible, you just need to point to entry point in correct format as follows:



<EngineSettings EngineDll="ConnectTools.dll" EngineDllEntryPoint=".Net:ConnectTools.ConnectJSONBuilderEngine"  SDKVersion="10.1" />

Thanks @PetrT!  It is working beautifully now.


It's great that you guys provide so many options for building the engine components.  We get to choose the best technology for our particular needs rather than having to squeeze a square peg into a round hole...