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First AFG Weekender: ARE YOU GAME?

7 - Meteor

Hello Alteryx Enthusiast!


AFG, India, has seen a very successful 2018 and kudos to each one of you for that! With the new year coming in, we are excited to arrange our first out-station weekender for #TheJoyOfGivingBack as a part of the Alteryx For Good initiative.


Where? Parli, Khopoli(Mumbai-Pune highway)


 When? Weekend of 2nd-3rd Feb

For which NGO? The NGOs SaNiSa and SRATRC that we onboarded onto AFG later last year (supporting women empowerment and child education-details below)

The high level plan?

  • Drive down to/take a bus to Parli on Friday night
  • Successfully #AlterEverything on Saturday in collaboration with the NGO folks
  • Have a Fun-day-out on Sunday at The Imagica theme Park
  • Drive back to/take a bus back to Bangalore on Sunday night

 This is an excellent opportunity to connect with people who share your passion of giving back to the underprivileged, channelize your love for Alteryx into creating models that will #MakeRealImpact and to experience the sheer joy of bringing a smile on someone's face.





Reach out to me ASAP on I look forward to hearing "Yes - I'm game" from you!





The trust is a not-for-profit, Non-Political, Registered NGO, that work towards the upliftment of the poor and under-privileged villagers in rural areas. Their first Centre is located at Parli Village, near Khopoli, only 90 kms from central Mumbai, in Sudhagadh, one of the most poor Taluka of Maharashtra. They also have Centres in 22 cities in India as well as abroad.


Since the year 2004, they have undertaken the socio-economic development of the most backward and underdeveloped areas in the fields of Education, Public Health and Women Empowerment. This was initiated in view of the glaring cases of child-labour, underaged marriage of girls, poor health & sanitation and a dearth of education and employment avenues.


A few highlights of the work being undertaken:

• 1071 under-privileged students given quality English medium education

• 40% girls empowered with education in comparison to 26% district average

• 1400+ free cataract surgeries performed with 100% success rate

• 6000+ villagers benefitted from quality healthcare facilities

• 147 types of handmade, cruelty-free products made by under-privileged women

• 375000 sattvik meals served over 5 years to alleviate hunger

• Women empowerment activities were covered by the BBC in their World News telecast.

• Efforts to promote rural education have been recognized by “A World at School” which is an international campaign in 85 countries to provide education to under-privileged children.


This has encouraged them to expand the scope and reach of their services for the benefit of the larger section of deprived communities. Their future plans:

• A State-of-the-art Hospital

• A fully equipped Pathology Laboratory

• A Dialysis Centre

• An International College in affiliation with University of Cambridge

• A Hostel accommodation for boys and girls

• A Sports complex of international standard

• Multiple avenues for making of Khakhras, Papad and Agarbattis to make women financially self-sufficient.


By the year 2020, they aim to directly benefit fifty thousand lives through the future plans of their various initiatives. #BeTheStart


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