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With Tableau Conference 2017 just days away, we are happy to announce the release of a revamped Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau! Starter Kits are special installs of Alteryx that provide guidance in a specific area, in this case, Tableau. Now, anyone interested in leveraging Tableau and Alteryx together can download the Starter Kit to learn how to prep, blend and analyze data in Alteryx before presenting the findings in the beautiful dashboards Tableau is so well known for. This end-to-end process allows analysts to use best of breed platforms for their analytics.


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What Does the Kit Provide?

Once installed, you will see Tableau samples covering all the basic functionality that you will need for integration between the two products.

Included with the Starter Kit are sample workflows that demonstrate different types of analysis and reporting, sample data, and walkthrough tutorials to help you understand the actual building process. There are also several common use cases represented such as customer acquisition, lifetime value analysis, sales performance, and store clustering.


What's New?

With this release of the Alteryx Starter Kit for Tableau, we have added sample workflows that highlight how Alteryx can join a multitude of data sources and work well with all data, regardless of where it resides - in the cloud or on-premises. Additionally, we added an overview video on the integration between Tableau and Alteryx Designer, Server, and Connect to showcase the value of our end-to-end analytics platform.


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What’s Required to Explore the Starter Kit?

To get full value out of the Starter Kit, you will need an Alteryx Designer install, as well as a Tableau install.  Both products provide free trials should you require a temporary license:


 If you already have licenses to both, upon completion of the download of the Starter Kit, you will see sample workflows appear under Help->Samples->Tableau Starter Kit




Each of the fully annotated and configured sample workflows will walk you through the process of taking source data, processing it for a specific use case, and then publishing into a Tableau workbook.


And with that, role up your sleeves and get hands-on with Alteryx with Tableau!


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