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Whether you're an Alteryx Inspire veteran or an Alteryx Inspire newbie, this year's Technology Track line-up is brand new and full of a variety of sessions meant to address your needs. We've cranked up our Technology track on multiple levels: we've doubled up the sessions for twice the learning; we've made a variety of sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced users; we've also created more targeted in-depth sessions that were specifically designed to deep dive into concepts for our analysts, data scientists, spatial experts, leaders and IT attendees.


There are a lot of sessions to choose from, and to help you out, here are a few of the new sessions you may want to check out while at Inspire.

For newer Alteryx Inspire attendees — These sessions have been designed to reveal the secret gems that are typically unknown when you are first getting started with Alteryx.


  • Rediscover Alteryx and Fall in Love all Over Again — This session will help bring you up to speed on everything we've done with the Alteryx platform since Inspire last year. Knowing about the latest and greatest features will help you make the most of your time at Inspire.
  • What's in that Alteryx Predictive Install? — Don't let the second predictive install intimidate you, it's not just for data scientists. This session will unpack what's in the predictive install and walk you through some of the interesting tools that may help you in the future.
  • Alteryx Tips and Tricks: An Interactive Session — This session is a popular one, so popular in fact that we've had to double the offerings and increase the time due to demand. This is an interactive session where newer Inspire attendees can get a crash course on insider shortcuts that can save valuable time.


Hidden Treasures — Don't overlook these sessions, if you do, you might be sorry. The below sessions are all about showcasing how to turn the Alteryx platform into a workhorse, making the platform work twice as hard so you don't have to.


  • Getting to the (Location) Point in your Data — If you're thinking, "I'm not a spatial analyst", don't worry; this session will help you discover your inner geocoding talents. Learn how to up-level your skills as an analyst so you can begin to explore the spatial side of your data and bring insights to light to help you reap tremendous rewards.
  • Deep Dive into the Download Tool: Tips for Extending Alteryx Connectivity — Just because we don't have an explicit connection to a data set, doesn't necessarily mean you can't grab it with Alteryx. This session will show you how to connect to data that you may not have thought was possible.
  • Autopilot Equals Analytic Freedom — Who doesn't want to put things on automatic? This session will showcase the various options you have to automate your analytic workflows to help you get out of the business of constantly refreshing data reports and move on to more sophisticated analytics tasks.
  • The Workflow Whisperer — This session is great no matter what level of Alteryx user you are, because every now and again you may run into a workflow error that you just can't figure out. This session will focus on helping you understand how to untangle any workflow knots you may get yourself into.


Specialized Sessions — You asked, and we listened. These sessions were specifically requested via the Alteryx Community, and bring to the table brand new sessions that address key topics.


  • Building Blocks for a Successful Culture of Self-Service Analytics — Executive attendees and analytics leaders, make sure you attend this session. You'll get an insider view of how to drive a deeper culture of self-service analytics in your organization.
  • This is How We Do It: A look at Alteryx within Alteryx — Customers often ask us to go into details about how we have set up our internal analytics process, where we store our data, and how we use analytics in various departments at Alteryx.  In this session we'll unveil our structure and how each department uses Alteryx within Alteryx. This is a very special session, one that will not be repeated, and that will only take place at Inspire.
  • Predictive Wrappers Delight — Designed for our data scientist attendees, this session will cover all the various and new ways you can use customize Alteryx to your predictive liking.
  • Location, Location, Location: Discovering Advanced Spatial Functions — This session is for those who are looking to venture into deeper spatial waters.
  • It's All About the Scale: Deployment Considerations for Driving Enterprise-Scale — For server administrators and IT attendees who are exploring scaling out Alteryx broadly, this session is designed for you to help you know whether to scale up or out.

Get the insider knowledge you want from the team that is responsible for listening to turning your requests into product requirements, and helping bring to life what you need inside the Alteryx portfolio.


Register for Inspire 2017, schedule a few of these new tracks before they book up, and get your product knowledge on! And be sure to keep track of all things Inspire in our Inspire Buzz page on the Alteryx Community.