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Alteryx Use Cases

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Monthly Reports Done in 30 Minutes with Alteryx Solution

6 - Meteoroid
Name: Shafeeq Rahiman
Title: Business Intelligence Manager
Company: CARMA Media Insights FZE
Collaborators: Fares Ghneim, Director Insights and Analytics
Overview of Use Case

CARMA is a global provider of media intelligence solutions with team members on the ground in 41 countries across 5 continents. CARMA's team in Dubai used Alteryx to automate monthly reporting process for clients, reducing processing time by 90% and advancing report delivery by 6 days.

Describe the business challenge or problem you needed to solve

One of our clients would receive their prior month's report in the second week of the following month.

The process involved downloading media coverage from our company portal, creating Excel pivot tables, creating a formatted Excel spreadsheet and also a PowerPoint report. 


We needed an automated way to help us in two aspects:

a) Reduce(or mitigate) the manual time spent on this activity.

b) Allow the client to receive the report much earlier in the month.

Describe your working solution  
We leveraged Alteryx Desktop & Scheduler to:
- Download monthly media coverage for a client through an API (custom macro and download tool)
custom macro.png


download tool.png


- Blend and group data based on the analysis required (summarize, joins, text to columns)
data blending and tableau publish.png
- Output a formatted report in Excel (Reporting tools)

- In addition, the report data was exported as a Tableau data extract which fed to a Tableau dashboard we had created for this client (Tableau Server Publish) 
- A Powershell script is run to create PDF export of Tableau report (Command script)
running powershell for tableau pdf generation.png


- Lastly, the PDF report and the formatted Excel report is sent to the QA team for final verification (Alteryx email)

emailing report.png
Describe the benefits you have achieved
Both our targets were achieved. 

1) The report is now created with no manual intervention
2) The report is now sent to the client on the second day of the month, instead of the second week.
3) As a bonus, we were able to use this reproducible process and apply this to other similar clients who had the same reporting requirements.
The task that took us 5 hours to do earlier is now done in 30 minutes, thats 90% savings on man-hours. 
We were also able to deliver to the client much earlier than before, allowing our customers to act on our insights more effectively. 
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