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Workflow Documentation Tips / Export List of all workflows on Server

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Hi all


I need to clean up our Alteryx Server an need to document the existing workflows.


Is there a workflow available where I can export a list of all existing apps/workflows ? In the Alteryx_Server_Usage_Report I see only the workflows which were running in the last 30 days.


Are there some best practices available how to document and how to name Apps (Workflows) ?


Many thanks





Hi @vizda,


A few different ways listed in order of ease:


  1. You can go to Gallery Admin and view the workflows. You can even copy/paste this page out and parse the details in Alteryx. Very manual process, but would give you a list of workflows on Gallery.
  2. You can do this via the Admin API. If taking this method, I would look at the Alteryx Connect Alteryx Gallery Loader and use part of that.
  3. There are also methods available through accessing the MongoDB, but that is a little more complicated as there are multiple collections to hit. If you want to take this method, I advise looking at the Server Usage report and adjusting the query.