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User Input update random sample tool

Hi All,

I am trying to have it so a user inputs a number which updates the random sample tool value for the number of samples. I thought this would be rather straight forward but for some reason the value being input isn't changing the tool. Could anyone please assist?



Ok, so what I think is happening is that by adding the Text box tool you're converting it to an App, but by pressing the run button, you're running the app as a workflow, which means it uses the default value that is set for the Text Box tool, i.e. 10.


If you run it as an App by clicking on the wand and opening the app interface, it will work, but only if you include something that can show you the results, like a browse tool. So add a browse tool, the go to the Interface Designer Settings as shown below and tick the box that tells the app that you want to display the results of the browse tool after the app is run.


random sample 2.png


The when you run the app, the results look like this:


random sample.png


Sample app attached.

Hi Thank you for your response. 


I tried that exact setup but it isn't updating the sample number.


I could not utilize your sample - its says your using a different version of Alteryx.


I have attached the setup as you provided for reference.




Your Action Tool was set to update the Number percentage, I changed it to update the sample number.


Try it now. I changed the version back to 2018.3


random action tool.png