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Sharepoint Input. Runs on local, fails on server

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I originally posted this on the Designer board but since I'm having issues on the Server side, thought I should move it here.


I'm using SharePoint Input v2.3.0 and created a simple WF that successfully runs on my local Designer.  For automation purposes, I'm using the 'App Sign In (Use Service Principal)' option.


When I saved the WF to the Gallery and ran it I received the below error:
 <class 'ValueError'>: Required fields cannot be empty. (ToolId: 1)


When I pull in the same WF from the Gallery and run it in Designer on the Server, I receive this error:

Error: SharePoint Input (1): Provided Azure application does not have required permissions for scheduling. Either disable 'use service principal' or provide an Azure app with required permissions and login again.


Has anyone ran into this and how did you resolve?  TIA

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@gabrielvilella, thanks for all the links.  After going through the documentation again I was able to get everything resolved.  I failed to set up DCM on both my local and server side.  


There seems to be a lot of references to “Service Principal” which took some time with trial and errors. 


While setting up new credentials, there are three different options for ‘Sharepoint Input Service Principal’.  The first and third ask for the same inputs while the second one asks for the ThumbPrint and Private key. 










While setting up the Data Source there are also two ‘Service principal’ options.  The first one listed the credentials I had created and the other one did not.