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Remove Artisan from a subscription

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I have recently installed Alteryx and evaluating the security settings.


Alteryx Version 2018.1


Installation type: Single Node Deployment server with Alteryx Gallery, Controller, Designer.


Authentication: Windows Authentication


I have added a user as  Artisan in a subscription. I need to demote the user to only have view access and add another artisan to the subscription.How can I achieve that?


I have been able to set the user permission to view.But that does not remove the user from the artisans. 



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Hey @SwapnaDesh


You need to add them to another subscription (like their own studio) this will move them out of that subscription



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I have a similar situation, but I am afraid I will run into this issue, where all the workflows published earlier by that user in the subscription will move with him/her:


I need to protect certain protected workflows from general access, but I still want to allow self-service in the non-protected subscriptions. I thought I would be able to move users temporarily to the protected subscription to publish, and then back to their own subscription when they need to publish a non-protected workflow.  But the protected subscription is Paid, and the personal studio is Free.


Is there a way to do that?

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We have similar issue and what a surprise there is no solution just work arounds - Please make a semi decent Alteryx Server UI.

I should simply be able to update membership in the subscription - simple