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Receiving occasional blank email events after server upgrade

7 - Meteor

We upgraded to Server 2022.3.1.430 last week and ever since we are receiving some email alerts that are blank.


No one in the 'To', No subject, no body. It only applies to about 2% of our usual emails but I cannot see a reason why in any of the workflows why its happening (when I check the workflows that finish around that time). Seems to be hit or miss as to which one it is.


Anyone else experiencing this?



8 - Asteroid

We are on 2022.3 and just ran a workflow that usually sends an email with attachment to a circulation list and this happened.

No subject, no recipients listed, no body, no attachments.

Unfortunatley the workflow is not one that we can easily rerun with outputs so will wait until next month to find out if a block until done before the email tool will fix it.

Edited to add that this workflow was run manually on server machine, not in Gallery/UI.

5 - Atom

We just upgraded to 2022.3 as well, and some users are having same experience locally, and on server.  Did anyone find a solution to this issue?  Ours is more consistent rather than occasional.  Pinpointed it to the checkbox in the email report tool for the body section.  Doesn't produce error when selecting the checkbox to use field.

7 - Meteor

Ours is still doing it and we've been in contact with Alteryx on a weekly (if not daily in some periods) basis. Its currently sat with the product team to investigate.


For us, it isn't just the email tool that's doing it. We also get them from the events.