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Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password


Hi everyone!


We have a private studio on our company’s Gallery, and when any user tries to run any workflow, he receives the same error:




The credentials for DB connections remains the same. We also tried changing the password for Gallery’s users. Nothing helped.

Have you seem something like this?


Thank you very much!

@amasuda  Is the user logged in on his own machine?  I've seen that before when Windows auth for the current session doesn't match that of the user logged into the Gallery.


@patrick_mcauliffe thanks for the reply!

Actually, our Windows and Gallery users are not sync: they even have different passwords. But I don’t believe that this is the problem, because we have been using the Gallery this way for over an year until yesterday, when this error first occurred.

@amasuda That's interesting.  Is it safe to say that no changes were made to the server right before this started?




Any resolution ?
I am facing the same problem however, we are not using Alteryx Server rather an Alteryx Scheduler.

Hi @santak I just had this same problem on my Alteryx Server, and the issue was that the machine logged user that the Server was installed and running, updated the password and forgot to change it on the Alteryx Server configuration pannel. After he updated the password on the Server the problem was resolved! Hope this helps you!