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Having issues with emailing to a FTP/FileShare site


Objective: upload Excel attachment to FileShare/FTP site

Method: Email attachment.  (I know there are ways to post directly, but I can't use those because of security and licensing requirements.  I can only email).  

Problem: The workflow executes correctly when run from the Gallery.  The email is sent but nothing is posted.  


1. I have confirmed I have the right email.

2. I have confirmed anyone can send / post to the FTP by sending from my gmail.

3. I have confirmed the email is being sent and actually has an attachment by sending to my work account.


The only thing I can think of is that the FileShare site is blocking the email, perhaps because it is spoofed.  Has anyone else had this problem?  There is nothing else that can be changed on the site in terms of security or permissions. Thanks in advance


P.S. I am emailing via the Events manager and not the email tool so that the email is sent after the workflow completes.




I experienced something similar in my previous role where we used a service provider that sent out an SMS on the back of an email sent to a specific email address. I believe this has to do with some parameters/headers missing when we send the email from Alteryx.


I've managed to overcome the issue by using a command line utility called bmail - you can download it from here.


Instead of triggering an event which sends an email, you can trigger one that runs a .bat script configured to use bmail to send the email.






I think you are correct.  After some more testing, it seemed like the problem was related to how Alteryx was attaching the email.  I wound up using active batch to send the email since I'm not well versed in executing tasks in the command line.  I did send Alteryx support the properties from the email Alteryx sends and properties from an email sent from outlook that the FTP did pick up.