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Issue scheduling my workflow on Alteryx server and getting an error



Issue scheduling my workflow on Alteryx server and getting an error:


  • Tool #2: TableauServer.Login (36): Tool #10: Error transferring data: Failure when receiving data from the peer

Can someone assist please. I feel like as soon as I fix one issue another one appears.


Low hanging fruit first.


While you may have access to do whatever it is that you are doing (logging into Tableau), the credentials that the Alteryx Server runs with may not have those same credentials, which I think is why it would fail on validation.


Can you check into this?

Thanks Treyson. Does this mean that something must be configured in the Alteryx server so that the workflow can be successful?


When publishing to tableau server from the designer I use my credentials. The issue I am facing is when trying to schedule the workflow from Alteryx server to refresh my tde file published on tableau server. 


You would need to reach out to your server admin. Typically, the processes would run all of your server based workflows on a schedule through a service account in order to keep things working and manage elevated permissions.


Like I use it because I always plan for the worst. Say something were to happen to me and I was no longer at my organization, how do we plan for it to continue to run long after TMARKS is not a user in the active directory. Also with service accounts you can make it so their password does not expire so that's nice too from a management standpoint.


Check with your admin and ask them if whatever account they have set up to run the Alteryx processes has access to do whatever you are trying to do to the Tableau Server



I just added the Aleryx run as user as a site admin to tableau server in the site where I have published the workflow and faced same issue.


Is there a configuration that must be done somewhere in the Alteryx server so it can access tableau server when scheduling workflows with no issues? 


Are all of the server instances on your network or behind the same firewall?


I have recently gone through this where I was trying to use Connect to scrape Tableau but that was on a different network and we had to open it up the box where Connect was located.


Also what tool is this connection error happening in?

Alteryx server and tableau server are in two different zones (not same firewall)


the error I am getting is at the Alteryx server level.


If we get to resolve the Firewall between the two environments, what port # would be best ?


Do you think only the FW may be causing the issue here ?




I mean, I can't specifically say that this will fix your issue, but I believe it's the next logical step. Your original posting had the error said "Failure when receiving data from the peer" which would make be believe that this is your problem.


Perhaps a test is in order. If you have access to that server. Log in and ping your tableau server from the command prompt. ping ServerName


Somewhere deep down in my gut, I am thinking that perhaps it could also be a problem with how you are referencing the instance? Like are you telling Alteryx to reference the friendly name of or are you telling it to go to it's address


Let's try the first one first and then we can talk about the second option.


Actually maybe it's not Alteryx talking to Tableau, it's Tableau talking back to Alteryx. The "Receiving Data From Peer" bit has me wondering.

Here is the error that I am facing when trying to run or schedule a work flow from Alteryx server :


  • Tool #2: TableauServer.Login (36): Tool #10: Error transferring data: Couldn't connect to server