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How to map Shared network drives to Alteryx Gallery?




I am able to map SQL Server, Oracle server to alteryx gallery. But is it possible to map shared network drives to alteryx gallery? we have shared network drives and we are looking to establish a common alias connection for it in Alteryx so that when we forward our workflow to other users there will not be connection error.



@BharathVJ  At this time Alteryx Server doesn't include any functionality to create an alias for a network path or share location, and using mapped drives with Scheduler or Gallery is highly discouraged. This is because these connections are non-persistent and tend to vary from user to user. Not to mention that the service runs workflows in session 0 which typically doesn't have access to any user created mapped drives. Instead we recommend utilizing the full UNC path to the network share. This ensures the workflow has access to the appropriate resource(s) as long as the engine is executed with credentials that have access to that location.  


Hello Kevin, is there documentation on setting up SMTP configuration? So far our experience with Gallery has been on-demand publishing or scheduling database jobs but we do have use cases of wanting to load files from one server location to another. It seems like this should be possible with the tool...