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App output in pcxml shows different than Excel, Word, PDF report formats in Server


Hi there,


I have a workflow (pictured below - Attachment #1) which outputs to a Render Report in pcxml format. I have published this to my company's local gallery and run it as an analytical app. 


The pcxml output shows the Cost Center (first field) as I expected it to be (see attachment #2).


However, when I click on the xlsx report format presented in the  Gallery, the output has the cost center field truncated with the last 2 digits missing (attachment #3).


Any way to fix this? I have defined the Cost Center field as string type. 




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @sanjdhar 


I suspect that the full cost centre value is being passed into the table but the column width is causing it to truncate.


To better troubleshoot the issue you could try adding a Select tool before your table tool and removing all columns except the cost centre column. This will show whether the number of columns is the issue.


If it is, then you will need to reduce the number of columns or table layout options in order to make the data fit without truncating.




Someone else raised a similar issue here:


I changed the Render report tool Report Style to Custom Size, increased the size (in.) to a 16" (from the standard 8.5"), and that removed the truncation issue in xlsx, pdf, and doc output formats.


I will mark this issue as solved.