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Server logs do not include download tool


I have published a workflow that includes two post requests via the download tool. They are working but the logs do not validate the tools are being run. 


My default mode is set to unrestricted. My assumption is that since the Download Tool is on the "potentially naughty" list that it's not been fully supported in server development. 


Is that the case? If so, use of this tool and this rationale could come up in some tough convos with IT folks. It really should be visible in the logs! 


to clarify, i'm talking about the gallery logs. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @davidhenington ,

The following Alteryx Designer tools and events are prohibited in the Analytics Gallery due to the numerous possible configurations and the actions that can be performed:

  • Run Command Tool
  • Email Tool
  • Run Command Event
  • Send Email Event
  • R Tool
  • Download Tool

If you have a workflow that uses one of the prohibited tools in a safe manner, you are able to apply for an exemption and have a Curator review your workflow so that it can be run in the Analytics Gallery.

To apply for an exemption please follow the steps below:

  1. Email and explain how and why each prohibited tool is used, along with the general purpose of the workflow
  2. Publish the workflow in your private studio and check the box "Others may download this app."
  3. Add the workflow to a Collection and share it with Alteryx Curator,

Allow up to 2 business days for your workflow to be reviewed and an Alteryx Curator to email you the status of your workflow.


hi @Bharti thanks for responding. 


Unfortunately your response is not applicable. I am not talking about the public Alteryx Gallery. I am talking about my company's Server Gallery. 


The issue of these tools being classified differently and needing special clearance on the Public Gallery, being conflated with questions around private Galleries, is a source of confusion. Let's please be sure what we're referring to as Server topics in general can be challenging. 


With that being said, the fact that these tools are classified differently may have something to do with the lack of their appearance in our Gallery logs. Getting back to my original post, with Private Company Galleries, in which these tools can be used without issue by artisans whose default mode is set to unrestricted, it simply does not make sense to "hide" the log entries.


Again, is that what's going on?