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Alteryx Server Error

8 - Asteroid

Hi there.


We are having an issue running workflows on Alteryx server. We have been using server for some time and never had this error. We can log in to the gallery and navigate around as normal (although it is very slow).


Can anyone tell me why the following error occurs and how I resolve the issue?


'Problem Loading App

Error: Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer. (1385)'





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@cookl The error you are encountering occurs when the Run As credentials or the workflow credentials provided to run the workflow do not have the necessary permissions on the server. Specifically the account we are attempting to run the workflow as isn't allow to log onto the server. Please note that these credentials need to be allowed either the 'Allow log on locally' or 'Log on as a batch job' group policy permission. If the user credentials for the Run As user do not have one of these two permissions you will get the following error. To correct the issue you will likely need to work with your server and active directory administrators to ensure the correct permissions are applied. For more information on the permissions needed please reference the following documentation.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks Kevin. It turns out IT made some changes to the Policy that we didn't know about, all fixed now.