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Alteryx Gallery unable to display list box values


I have a workflow that uses a List Box that is populated via select query from Database. When I run the workflow as Analytic App in Alteryx Designer Studio, I am able to see all the values however when I upload the workflow in Alteryx Gallery, it doesnt display any value and is just empty. 


alteryxscreenshot.pngScreenshot from Gallery




The list is not populated because Alteryx needs to actually run to query the DB and get the up-to-date list of values. If you just load the app this doesn't happen. In order to populate the list box dynamically using a query on a Database, you will need to use something that we call chained apps - find out more about these here.


  1. The first app will be used to get the list of values which will be saved into a file - eg values.yxdb. On success of the first process the second (chained app) will be triggered
  2. The second app will use the values.yxdb just created to populate the list box.


I hope it makes sense.





Typically when a Gallery interface tool isn't being populated the way it's populated in Designer, it's because:


1. The Server machine doesn't have access to the Database server.

To check this, run the app in Designer on the server.


2. The account running the Gallery doesn't have access to the database.

Setting the Run As User in the Alteryx System Settings to a user with permission to the database is one way to resolve this issue.

A second way to resolve this is to use Workflow Credentials with credentials that have access to the database.




3. The data connection hasn't been set up on the Server.

To check this, run the app in Designer on the server.


Good point from @JeffF.


I assumed here but should have asked about your List Box configuration. If it's like the below, then following Jeff's advice should help here