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Hi, and welcome to the Alteryx Metrics Store Discussion board in the Alteryx Community!


This will be the place to ask any questions you might have and to learn about all things Metrics Store from other community users as well as directly from Alteryx.

You might be wondering, "What is Alteryx Metrics Store?" Well - we’re glad you asked!


The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform offers a powerful solution for organizations seeking to drive insights through unified analytics capabilities in the cloud. 

Alteryx Metrics Store, a new key service offering of the platform provides a single source of truth for the storage, creation, and definition of organization-wide accessible metrics and KPIs.


With its intuitive no-code interface, Metrics Store enables consistent and accurate decision-making through pre-built templates that can seamlessly integrate with your preferred business intelligence tool or application. By leveraging the power of Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, Metrics Store democratizes analytics across the enterprise and enables operationalized governance. This means users can generate repeatable, real-time reports in a single click, without the need to access underlying data, and with confidence in the accuracy and consistency of the information.


As noted – Alteryx Metrics Store is new to Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform and there's lots to learn! If you’d like to request access to try Metrics Store for free in the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, please email us at this address:

You can also use this space to ask questions about the platform service itself, where it fits into your organization, specific features and use cases, or anything else you can think of! Finally, this discussion board is also a great place to share your experiences, use cases, and ideas that you think would make Alteryx Metrics Store even better. We're excited to have you here, so don't be shy!