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Render with wrongoutput with AMP engine

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Hi guys


Basically, if I render a file based on grouping there is cross contamination between the tables with the file showing output from another table.  The only way I can generate the file with the right tables using the AMP engine is to filter on the group, and generate a temporary file which then generates with the correct data.


Is this normal expected behaviour of the AMP engine?  If I don't use it the files generate fine so I am just trying to understand in which circumstances I should use AMP and in which circumstances I don't need to?





This sounds like it could be a defect.  If you want to send me a pared down yxzp to reproduce the issue I can create a defect for us to look into this. Email: 


I wonder if it would work as expected if you turn on "Engine Compatibility Mode" - the checkbox is found underneath the "Use AMP Engine" checkbox in Workflow Configuration Runtime settings starting with the 2021.4 Release: 




Also here is a lot more content about AMP Engine in case you want to look at some of it to determine when you want to use AMP: 

•Help Documentation




•AMP Engine Webinar (32 minutes)


•AlterEverything Podcast


•Community Blog posts  

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, Alteryx Engines


What version are you seeing this on?

We just released AMP Supported Reporting tools with the 2022.3 Release. Before that it would fall back to the original Engine for Reporting tools in AMP workflows.  It will help us to know whether this is something that is fixed with the native AMP Render tool in 22.3 or not. 

Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, Alteryx Engines