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How to Create Alteryx Workflow , in which workflow would ask for inputs before running?




I am looking to build an Alteryx App or Workflow in which workflow would automatically ask for certain inputs from user if user wants to change it compared to last input which was provided?


For Example:


I am running a workflow on 1st May 2017 which refers a file with name  "May-2017".


Now If I run same workflow on 1st Jun 2017, it should refer a file with name "June 2017".


Now there are many such inputs in my workflow which refers to external excel files.


I want Workflow to ask for all the inputs in the beginning itself.





Hi @gpsnitie


You can use a file browse interface tool to prompt a user to add in the input files before running the workflow. Attached is an example workflow as well as a screenshot below.






Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant