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Email tool settings - SMTP for Office365

7 - Meteor


I am struggling with setting Email tool trying to use my business e-mail which is working in Office 365.

Can anyone provide the correct settings for it? 

Couldn't it be because of the company security settings?

I tried also STARTTLS with 587 port.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Grzegorz,

afaik this has to do with the Office 365 settings respectively if O365 allows 3rd party services to access their SMTP server >

For option (1) according to this setup SMTP client submission is required (which I think, we do not support) and for option (2) or (3) you might need admin access as DNS changes are required.


Is it allowed in your company to send emails through SMTP and/or do you have other tools who successfully are able to send emails?


Did someone solve this so far?


PS: you can as well write directly to to request help and see if there is an entry in their knowledge base.