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Analytic App: Eliminate underscores in Drop Down




I have an excel sheet which has records containing spaces between strings. (E.g: Steering Wheel Trim). When I run the workflow as Analytic app, the record shows as

Steering_Wheel_Trim under the drop down list. I need to get rid of underscores. 


Please suggest solutions. Thanks! :) 


Screenshot of part of workflow

 Analytic App.PNG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
There’s a couple of methods you could use here; I’ve actually built a tool to do this, it’s in the gallery ‘cross tab real’ however it’s still in BETA and I believe there is a bug, but give that a go!

This blog post outlines a process if you want to have a go yourself.

Also are you using the same file every time? Will the values for the drop down ever change? I would be careful with your current config, there should be no steps between the file passed in and the population of the drop down. I would consider using a chained app to do this process;

You can use your first workflow to perform the manipulation of the values needed for the drop down which then triggers the second workflow. This will prevent any conflicts that may occur by actually using tools between the input file and the interface tool which is not recommended.

Hi Ben,


Thanks for the reply. Yes, the values for drop down will keep on changing. I think I won't be requiring the chained app.


I tried configuring with cross tab real tool, but no luck.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Using a chained app would definitely resolve the issue because essentially you are just doing a run in the background to build out the drop downs without the underscores. The user wouldnt really know what is happening.

The only other option would be to remove the underscores at the source.


Hi Ben,


I used a dynamic rename and replaced underscores with spaces. So it worked.


Thank you for your help.