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read xlsb files with office 365

8 - Asteroid

Before migrating to office 365, I was using the macros from Read-ALL-Excel-Macro to import xlsb files. 

Today I realized this macro was not supporting xlsb anymore under office 365. The message is-

Error: SheetReader (83): Record #1: Tool #1: Error opening connect string: Can't create Data Source Object.


Besides installing the access driver, is there any other method? PS. Not sure if the new version of of Read All Excel Macro works with 365, I cannot download the latest version due to company security settings.

9 - Comet

Hello JokeFun,


It seems that in the Gallery there is no supported macro for reading xlsb files from O365 however maybe you can use OneDrive tools  where you can xlsx files (link to this tool below).


16 - Nebula

Hi @JokeFun 


I cannot test with O365 now, but this macro is able to convert .xlsb into .xlsx and input the data. Maybe it work for you.


Convert .xlsb into .xlsx and parse the input - Alteryx Community


If the provided answer helped you to solve the problem/was correct, please accept it as a solution :)



8 - Asteroid

Hi @Felipe_Ribeir0 , Thanks a lot.

I have the 2020.3.5 version of designer. Not sure if it supports the Python tool. But it is saying: Error: Python (3): Failed to find virtual env named: "designerbasetools_venv"


And even apart from that, do you know if this macro works in Gallery?

16 - Nebula

Hi @JokeFun 


Yes, it works on Gallery. If the gallery has all the necessary python libraries installed.


To change the kernel, go inside the macro, click on the python component, Kernel, Change Kernel and select the Kernel name that is available for you.




After that, click on restart kernel and save the workflow.