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dynamic filter

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Hi i would like to build a interface tool where when i can input a region name and then the filter dynamically pick up the region name and filter relevant country's data for next steps. The input data contains multiple regions data. Thanks!

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@wenyg: There are a couple of ways to to do this, to be sure.


First approach is to dynamically retrieve these inside the workflow based on your data.


1 - Solution.png


If your list of regions are stored off somewhere else, then you can change what appears in that drop down without utilizing Summarize (2) through the Dynamic Rename (6) tools inside the attached workflow. That file will need to have two columns that are named "Name" and "Value" respectively for Alteryx to pick up on the values to support your Drop Down tool.


2 - Solution with File.png


Both solutions are attached for you :)

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Hi thanks for your help. I am not sure this solves my issue. My issue is what to put in the 2nd half filter condition. For example, in your second approach (right one) The text input contains south east north as regions, but in your filter(13) you put region equals to North. In this case, you will only be able to extract north data based on this default setting. What i want for the output is that if I put "South" in the interface tool i can filter south data and if i put "East" in the interface i can filter east data etc. Not sure if it is clearly explained. Thanks!

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The "North" string in the filter tool is a placeholder. Whereas, the selections in the Analytic App will enable the filter value to be changed out based on user selection. In short, if you select "South", it will update that tool to filter out for South data.


To get there, you would need to click on the wand icon (see below), then make the selection. The app should take care of the rest.


Analytical App Wand.png