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Writing to table in 32 bit SDE - No error messages presented, but no rows written

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Hey everybody - 


Got kind of a head scratcher and a barn burner all at once.  Existing workflow successfully wrote to some tables stored in an ESRI SDE database.  Now we re-run the process and never get any rows written.  It runs, and says, 'N rows written successfully', but nothing happens at destination.  If you look at Arc Catalog (which I hate), you will see two tables, an 'sde table' and a regular joe table.  Alteryx only sees one table if we try an input box to the same schema set.   


Kind of an emergency situation and if we at least got some build of an error, that would help.  


Anyone have any ideas?  






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It looks like this was a VString (1000203200312 bytes) size issue; we changed to a rational size and things started working.  Does anyone know why this is the default value set for strings, it is almost never the right choice.  Is it ever an appropriate choice?