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Using Text Input to Dynamically read input and manipulate data

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Hi Alteryx,


I am stuck and not able to dynamically read an excel file and manipulate the data.....

Basically I have excel spread sheets saved in a shared drive where the name is in a generic format eg name + date. I would like the user to be able to enter the date so that the Dynamic Input tool will read the respective spreadsheet and then manipulate the data from there.


I was able to read the spread sheet but it comes up under another browser instead of the Dynamic Input in the work flow which would mean I won't be able to add in any filtering etc after the Dynamic Input tool..


Any solutions to this?


Also does Alteryx store the entered value so that I can call the value anywhere in the workflow and if so how do I do this?



20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus
Here's a video that might help you:


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7 - Meteor
Thanks Mark. There where some good information in your video however it doesn't solve my problem. Cheers Jax

@Jax23 what do you mean by it comes up in a new browser? from what I can see the macro looks good, I would just suggest putting in a template that matches what the input file looks like, rather than the csv. It will try to read in the xlsx file as a csv and will likely error.

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All good now guys, I've worked it out. Thanks.
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Hi @Jax23 , I wonder how did you solve this problem? I also encounter same issue and would like to manipulate data after Dynamic Input Tool.