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Storing a Datestamp of my last query to refresh results

7 - Meteor

I'm currently having an issue where I'm attempting to overwrite an input file with an output node later downstream.  I tried using a block until done tool but it did not appear to resolve the issue.


Attached is a snip of the workflow.  The goal is to generate a timestamp when the workflow runs and output it. This way, each time the workflow runs, I can use the dynamic input tool to alter an Oracle query to only take in updated and new records since the last time it ran. 





11 - Bolide

Did you try moving your block until done after your summary?


I use these a lot and they almost always work. Sometimes I will also add after the input yxdb and that also seems to help.

7 - Meteor



I don't know if moving the block until done tool with resolve the issue.  There is a natural split in the workflow there so that is why I put it there.  One path will store the current query datestamp (#2) and the other, although it only shows a browse, will go on to perform a few operations before outputting query results (#1).  I could move the formula tool to directly after the first input tool but again, I don't know if that will solve the issue.  It seems the first input tool needs to close the file its querying before my output tool run since it is overwriting the same file.  Which if it isn't accomplishing that in the currently workflow I'm not sure why it'd at different instances of the workflow.

7 - Meteor

Very strange, opened up the workflow this morning and ran without a problem as is.  Appreciate the help!

5 - Atom

Hi would you mind uploading your workflow. I am trying to accomplish the same thing and would love to see exactly the setting of each! thanks!