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Reviewing Macro results

8 - Asteroid

I am trying to use macros.


The results with test data in the macro seems to be right, but when I run the macro with a workflow with a big data set, the results are not what I am anticipating. How do I review the data within the macro after running the workflow that contains the macro?


If I right click on the macro within the run workflow and select to show the macro, it opens it but without the data of the most recent execution. Am I missing something?

14 - Magnetar

Hi @ChrisMelck 


The simplest solution I can think of is to open your macro and use the larger dataset as the Template Input. This will enable you to run the macro as a workflow with that dataset and debug.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @ChrisMelck ,


If you want to use the most recent data that was input into the macro I would recommend you to do the following:


Run the workflow


Once it has finished, click no the input arrow of your macro. This will show you the data that was input into the macro. On the results window, on the top right corner click you will see a copy button. This will let you copy the data which you can then paste on the macro and will be shown as a text input. Right click then on the text input and convert it into a macro input.


Another way (if your dataset is a big one) would be to generate a temporary output yxdb file on your desktop on the same spot as your macro input so that both files get the same data. Then on the macro input switch the input data to be the newly generated file.



8 - Asteroid

Thanks, this helped.


Would be great if we could feed it in on the fly through a debug process similar for user selected prompts...