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JSON API Fields Not Being Received in DownloadHeaders

7 - Meteor



We're using an internal API to retrieve data and according to the documentation we should be receiving the following fields in the DownloadHeaders response:





We get these fields in the Headers in a Postman API call response but they are not sent in the Alteryx API call DownloadHeaders response. The API call is otherwise successful. I'm including the required "nextBatchNumber": 1 in the request body.

The reason for needing the fields is because there is a time-limit on the API connection of 1 minute, or 100-000 records per call.


Does anyone have any idea how we can get visibility to those fields in Alteryx to be able to control the data retrieval dynamically?

(Any assistance on coding for a 1 minute gateway window would also be appreciated!)




19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Hi @spblackshaw 


DownloadHeaders should contain all the header data returned by the server.  You might not be able to see it all in a normal results window, because Alteryx only displays the first 256 characters.  Add a Browse tool after your Download tool and double click on the DownloadHeaders field.  The entire cell contents will show up in the cell viewer



7 - Meteor

Hi Danilang, thanks for the response.

I'd copied and pasted the cell results previously and been able to see the entire response.


I see now you're right about Alteryx returning all the response info from the server; when I ran the same request in Postman I got exactly the same as Alteryx was showing, which doesn't match the provided API documentation.


Will follow up with the API support team.

Thanks again,