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How to group by every break in pattern?

7 - Meteor

I have a report that comes in every month that has a list of employees, whoever is on the list is allowed to use the render farm for that month (fake example). If they are absent on the list, they are not allowed.


I am trying to group it by every break in the pattern.




Real Entry = 1 present for that month, Real Entry = 0 not present.




I have attached the excel data and workbook. Thank you very much.



8 - Asteroid

I've reconfigured the Tile tool so the Tile_Num column should give you the grouping as in the image you'd attached. Let me know if this works!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Here's another approach using Transpose.

7 - Meteor

Thank you Nivi and Tony for your help.


This solution does work for me but I'm confused with the logic behind it.


The tile groups data into sets and we have chosen to use unique value grouped by employee name:


So why is it not doing:

Employee A : 1/1/2019 = 1

Employee A : 2/1/2019 = 2

Employee A : 3/1/2019 = 3

etc. etc.


Since these combination of name : date is unique?