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Failed to Log in to Power BI on Power BI Output tool

9 - Comet

Hi Alteryx community,

I want to use Power BI Output tool to save data to Power BI Web appication. I tried follow

But it did not worked. It returned this error:


I checked my account and did not know why the user has not consented:



Can you help me solve this problem? Or how can I check my account is able to do this function?


9 - Comet

Thank Junya from Alteryx support has supported me.

I solved my problem by this link:

6 - Meteoroid

FYI, there's also a specific deprecated API permission the Alteryx Power BI Output Tool uses that isn't selectable when setting up API permissions in the Azure portal app registration.  If you run into this and can't understand why the tool is still asking for consent even after you set all of the API permissions up the way the howto explains and consented to the app in the Azure Portal, it could be that additional permission.  Details on a fix removing that additional permission request manually from the tool can be found here:  Power BI Output Tool - Azure App Registration API ... - Alteryx Community