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Error TS Model Factory : Error in my_output[j, 8] <- fit_stat[2] :

7 - Meteor

I'm getting this error while running the TS Model Factory:

Error in my_output[j, 8] <- fit_stat[2] :


Please advise

7 - Meteor

Thank you for your help.


I just realised all my predictive tools are not working so creating my own batch macro will not work either.


When I uninstalled and reinstalled Alteryx and Ralteryx, I tried the above workflow and it worked. I ran it again a few minutes later with the same data and got the same error as mentioned above. Nothing had changed between the two iterations. I don't understand why it stopped working.


I'm still waiting on the Support team to answer.


When I run the TS Model Factory I get the error : Error in my_output[j, 8] <- fit_stat[2] 

When I run the ARIMA tool I get the error:  ARIMA: Error in round(fit.stat, 7) :

7 - Meteor

Turns out the 2021.2 version does not support those tools.  I downgraded to the 2020.4 and the workflow runs.

Alteryx will need to solve that issue in the next version

18 - Pollux

Weird - I was running it in 2021.2 - but anyway - as noted - your workflow was solid. I don't mess with TS Model Factory personally - I'd use a batch macro if I had to.  Btw -514 is Montreal?

7 - Meteor

Hi @User514 , in my case this tool is very useful.


The error is related with the output, I deleted the code and work for me.



7 - Meteor

Hi,  Some time ago I discarded part of the script, but I have already identified the function that generates the problem.