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Download tool return string size

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Hi. I am using the Download tool to get some xml data. Unfortunately the data returned exceeds the length/char size of a V_WString so part of the data was cut off. May I know if there's a way to reduce the size to write (say if I already know the xml nodes that I need to get), or possible to use other data types to store it?


Thanks in advance.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Usually the result from a download tool shows as if it is truncated but actually it is not.


I would suggest you write the data as an undelimited (\0) text file and open in a text editor to truly understand whether the response is malformed, my feeling is that it isn't actually.


Alternatively you can write the response straight to a file and then read this in subsequently. This may resolve the issue.



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Thanks for the reply @BenMoss.


Yeah I tried outputting to undelimited, yxdb, and xlsx and the string seems to be truncated. Character count is at 8390 - I thanks that's the limit of v_wstring?


I did try to configure output directly to file within the Download Tool but couldn't figure out how to set the file type...

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20 - Arcturus

How about a BLOB?

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Thanks both. Sorry my bad - I didn't look carefully. The returned string wasn't in proper xml format. I kept looking for closing node tags at the end of the file and didn't see them, so I thought the value was truncated. It's all good now.

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@MarqueeCrew can you please post some more videos on your channel about blob tool? I asked for some help in discussions about blob tool. Did not get any help so far. I am interested in learning about it. Hope to see your post on youtube.


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