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Brainstorming - How to decide which task/routine should be automated in Alteryx?

11 - Bolide

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well.

I come here to ask for ideas on how can I organize a well structured method that identifies which routines should have a priority in my organization. 

To give a quick context, I have a very important initiative in which I will conduct automations for different areas in a bank. With that in mind, there a file that describes all those tasks from all different areas.

My idea is, how to create a matrix with some variables to decide which should be automated first, depending on those conditions to be met.

For example:

This routine depends on Databases? 
This routine depends on PDFs to be read?
This routine depends Excel Macros?

If someone has some examples that have already passed though this initial phase, that would be awesome!

I think of a matrix because it sounds plausible.


13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @Joker_Hazard!


I have a Six Sigma Project Management background. With that mindset, I suggest you read up on the 3 types of priority matrix.


This article is pretty good:


Hope you can find some inspiration here! Good luck!