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Alteryx Jira connector

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I have used Alteryx for about a year now but i just encountered a new issue which had to do with creating a JIRA connector for my workflow. I found some instructions online the said i needed to download a JIRA connector, that i did download and import the workflow package, relaunched my Alteryx designer but I still cant find the JIRA connector in my connectors. Has anyone done something similar to this before? Any ideas will be appreciated.



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I figured out the issue.  Apparently, we have some instances where we use the user id and it would appear that on others we have to use the email.


I was attempting to use the user id and that was not working. I found a file for something else that showed an email, so I attempted that, and low and behind, that worked!  Always seem to find an answer as soon as I ask a question. 🙂


Do you have documentation on all of the various settings in the input file?


I am getting records, but only 1000 still, so I need to make sure that I am understanding each of the settings in the file.


Thank you!

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And to be clear, I have the Excel spreadsheet that gives basic information, but was hoping to find something that might explain why I am still just getting 1000 records, despite changing the max number in the spreadsheet.

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Max Records changes the request limit of the individual API, not the actual Limit you can pull.


If the macro is setup correctly, it should increment the starting point to "1000" and retrieve "the next 1000" if that makes sense.


I would assume something is wrong with your setup...not sure what... the macro is still working for me fine and is actually schedule to pull fresh data nightly.

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The link i shared explains the documents in a dev space post, since that wasn't clear.


I decided to write some formal documentation to help answer questions... hopefully it's decent.

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Thank you for this connector! It is an incredible time saver.

I have ran into the "resolved" field not pulling correctly though.

When I export from JIRA directly I get it properly from the .csv file.

When I get it from this macro all of my fields are blank. Any ideas?

8 - Asteroid

can anyone post the original JIRA connector? This new one requires a text document... i have no clue what the input should be

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Hi Shalz, did you follow the instructions here?  There is documentation on how to use it and what input is required.  Please take a look.



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