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Adding a zero to start of number

5 - Atom



I need to add a zero to the start of number and have tried a few different ways but haven't managed to get the output I need.


The input data does not have a zero at the start of the number, I am bringing in the data as a string from the input data. The column includes some 4 digit codes and some 3 digit codes, if its a three digit code I want a zero to be included at the start. For example


Current 2100, 335, 100, 306, 3562

Need 2100, 0335, 0100, 0306, 3562


My cell is called ACC_Branch_Code, currently I have tried this


 iif(length([ACC_BRANCH_CODE_ES_4 ])== 4,[ACC_BRANCH_CODE_ES_4 ],"0"+[ACC_BRANCH_CODE_ES_4 ])


Do I need to fix the digits in the cell to force the zero?


Any help would be appreciated.

15 - Aurora

Hey @BBell


In the formula tool try:


PadLeft([ACC_Branch_Code], 4, "0")


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13 - Pulsar

convert the number column into string and prefix zero if the length is three,,,

5 - Atom

Thank you this worked

5 - Atom

Awesome! This solution worked for me as well.


Thanks for sharing.