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how to import fst file into alteryx

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How to import fst file(R file) into alteryx.




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Hi @pankaj3481  - you might get more visibility posting in the designer forum.

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@pankaj3481 , I have tried uploading a rda file(R file) using R developer tool in Alteryx. Can you try using that? Also sharing the workflow of how to use R tool. If it works please accept my solution else share the fst file you are trying to read and I will check on my end if I can help you with it.



Sapna Gupta
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HI everyone,
I really enjoy using this app. For the reason, it includes a comprehensive variety of database connections and capabilities, even those that aren't available in most expensive databases like predictive analytics, geographic analysis, reporting, and other tasks not generally found in databases and it can easily work with data from any database. I also have some question about it, Can everyone share with me?


  1. What are the tool setups and question types that Analytics Gallery does not allow us to use?
  2. What Users Are Allowed To Run Private Apps In A Collection?
    ---THANK YOU---