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I am having an issue with getting a specific google file to be input into Alteryx. When I sign into to my account, there are only certain random files being pulled in and none of them are the one I'm looking for. The file is a part of a folder shared with my team, but I have included that folder in "My Drive". Is there a way to fix this?


Hi, @EFred12,


What type of file is this? Are you using the Google Sheets Tools found in the Data Sources District?


It's an excel file in drive. And yes I'm using the google sheets input tool. Do I need to convert it to a google sheet in order for it to pull in?


When I log into the Google Sheets Tool, I can only see actual Google Sheets as well. I have many xlsx files available in My Drive, but the tool only picks up the .gsheet files.


This looks to be a limitation of the Google Sheets API, as you would need to use an Excel interpreter to read an XLSX file across the API as well. I'm not saying that there isn't a work-around, but I can't find one with a quick scan.