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List of Custom Fields

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We are looking to programatically update custom field values using an Alteryx Workflow. We have done this succesfully, however, we want to create a process that is easy to move between development and production.


In order to do that we would like to avoid explicitly stating the custom field ID within the workflow, however, we are not sure how to fetch the relevant custom field ID otherwise?


As an example, if we are looking to update the 'Classification' custom field that we have created, we would like to search connect to find the relevant custom field ID for this column, and then update it.


However, this 'search' piece I can't seem to perform, either via a luecene query or via the Connect REST API.


Anyone have any ideas?



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To programmatically fetch the custom field ID in Alteryx Workflow without explicitly stating it, you can utilize the Connect REST API to search for the relevant custom field. Here's a general approach you can follow:
1. Use the Connect REST API's search endpoint (/search) to search for the custom field by its name or any other relevant criteria. You can include filters in the API request to narrow down the search results.
2. Parse the API response to extract the custom field ID. The response will typically include information about the custom field, including its ID, name, and other attributes.
3. Once you have obtained the custom field ID, you can use it within your workflow to update the custom field values dynamically.


By incorporating this approach, you can create a flexible process that can easily move between development and production environments without the need to hardcode the custom field ID.

Note: Make sure you have the necessary permissions and authentication set up to access the Connect REST API and perform the search operation. Consult the Alteryx Connect documentation for detailed information on utilizing the API and its endpoints. Mybkexperience




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