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Alteryx Connect Service Won't Start

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Hey All, 
I am having an issue where we are unable to reach the Connect website after completing the install/config.  We discovered that the Connect service is stopping on its own and we have not been able to figure out why or how to override it.  We can manually start it up but after a few seconds the Service Status switches over to Stopped.  Below is a screenshot of where we are seeing this happen (image shows Running but switches to Stopped on its own after a few seconds).
The logs don't point to any issues.  In fact the end of the connect_catalina log and the Service_Status log both end with the message: "Alteryx Connect is ready to serve"
The localhost_access logs are being saved but have nothing in them.  The logs are empty. 
Although we very much think there is an environment security of some kind disrupting the service, we can't find anything that confirms this.
The Connect version we are using is the newly released 21.4. Not sure if this might be a bug in the new release. 
Please let me know if you have any ideas that we could do to fix this issue.
Services Image.png

Hi @sglynn14 , 
Please provide catalina and connect_catalina  logs. Both might help.
you can clean up the logs folder before test(while is instance down), so it will contain only most recent startup.
I would personally check first that connect PORT is free(wort to try to bind to some alternative port).
I would also read windows event logs.
Consider some local firewall or antivirus on machine.



Catalina.out shows in Sean's case Address already in use: NET_Bind, 
so reccommented to check if the port is free or try to chage to alternative port. This can be done via installer on in config file<server.xml>.