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Number of Runs Count in Connect

8 - Asteroid

Hey All, 


I was looking at an Alteryx Workflow on our Alteryx Connect site and saw there was a Number of Runs column listed for both the Details section and the Schedules section.  The Number of Runs listed in the Details section is 0, and the count in the Schedules section is 1 as you can see in the screenshot below.  


I thought if anything the Number of Runs in the Details section should at least be equal if not greater than the Schedules section at any given time. So to see the Schedules section have a higher number than the Details section has me confused.  


Does anyone know how the counter for both of these sections work?  My thought was perhaps the Details section only counts the number of manual runs and doesn't count any scheduled runs.  


Number of Runs.png


Hi @sglynn14 - Your assumption is correct. The Schedules section shows the number of schedule runs. The Details section does not include Schedules' runs.  

8 - Asteroid

Got it!  Thanks for clarifying that