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Conversion Error mainly around dates Error Warning: Auto Insights Uploader (10): Invalid

5 - Atom

When running the uploader tool get this error.  I have checked the date field and the date format.   Still receiving this error.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @MarkClark 


Can you ensure that the date format is - YYYY-MM-DD, by using a "DateTime" tool before the Select tool?


Hope this helps.


@PanPP  is correct in that is the right format needed for a date column. But there are some other things to be aware of! 


If you have seen this error message, these might be helpful: 

Auto Insights Uploader (2) <class 'ayx_python_sdk.core.exceptions.WorkflowRuntimeError'>: Progress: 0.0 %, FAILED, In column [Date], after trying each of the following date format conversion: [['%Y%m%d', '%m%d%Y', '%d%m%Y', '%Y%d%m', '%Y', '%y%m%d', '%m%d%y', '%d%m%y', '%y%d%m']], none of the non-missing values can be converted to date format. We recommend converting the date format to YYYY-MM-DD. Few common examples from the this column are: [[nan]], Step: 0/4, None


  1. Even if it is in that format but the data type is a string, you might not be able to upload the dataset. 

  2. Check to make sure all of the dates in your date columns are in the needed format - if you are joining multiple tables together you might get some string values in that are throwing it off. You can tell by looking at the error message at the end where it shows you examples of non date values in the column (bolded in the error message above).  
  3. If you have successfully uploaded this dataset before, you should double check the date column to make sure it is not 100% full of nulls or nan values (as indicated in the above error message).  Auto Insights cannot ingest a dataset where a date column is completely blank. In order to fix this, you should double check you dataset so that it is not missing any data / ensure you have at least 1 actual date value in the column, or drop that column completely. 
David Kim
Customer Success Manager