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The 2021.3 release brings us the Recommended tools category in the tool palette (great for upskilling new users), plus two new Computer Vision tools: use the Image Profile tool to identify visual characteristics or features of images, and the Image Recognition tool to train an image classification model.


These shiny new features are super cool, but what I get excited about are the features that come from you, our users. You know the usability better than anyone, and we want to help make it even faster and easier for you to rock your analytic processes.


Your ideas, implemented in 2021.3:


Alteryx Designer will now Allow Package Input of Newer Version thanks to @jdunkerley – previously, if you download an Alteryx package from an alternative version it doesn't allow import into a newer version. Until now! Import away.




This one is going to be an immediate fan favorite – more container management! Tool containers can now be open and disabled at the same time. Easily see what processes you are including in your workflow without the need to run them. Big thank you to:


@cbridges for Ability to disable tool container without minimizing,

@KANNAN for Disable tool container without collapsing,

and @SamDesk for Disabled containers can still be expanded.






We had a go at Workflow Compare – finally a diff without the command line! Compare two workflows to see what changes have been made using visual cues and specific details in the Results window. It’s as easy as clicking Options> Advanced Options> Compare Workflows.

Thank you @JohnJPS for the Workflow Compare Tool and @Yan_Cheung  for Workflow comparison tool please have a go.



workflow grouping.png



For those of you who have fond memories of being able to group workflow tabs into separate windows inside Designer (lookin' at you @seven, answering your question Where are vertical and horizontal tab groups?), we have good news - workflow tab groups are back! Right click on the workflow tab to create a horizontal or vertical workflow group to keep your analytic processes organized.


Coinciding with this release, we must mention @deepak_padhi and their nod to the Box Connector – we introduced the beta this summer and now the official supported connector is here to help you read and write data from your Box account to your Alteryx workflow.


Thank you to all our users who contribute ideas and please keep ‘em coming! We get new ideas every day, and your upvotes matter - cruise the Designer, Server, Promote, and Connect boards, thumbs-up ideas, and leave comments that support others' ideas. Your engagement and feedback are critical to this process, so tell us what you want and what you think could be better. Every quarter is a new chance to be included in the product and these Ideas blogs – come get your shout out!  

The new version is available for download here: For more information about these features, plus fixed and known issues, check out the Release Notes


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

All of this is just stellar. 10/10👍

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @CristonS,


Thank you for sharing. I wasn't aware that compare workflow function was implemented. I need to test it! 

What I am even more happy to see is this functionality:



This is such a great step in a good direction! Thank you @jdunkerley 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We need to give a little credit here to @patrick_mcauliffe, way ahead of his time in September 2017 when he pitched the Recommended Tool by Community Enterprise Usage in the Designer Ideas forum.




Thanks, and keep thinking towards the future, Patrick!

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Thanks @CristonS !