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Recommend Tool by Community/Enterprise Usage

When I'm working with a new data or tool set, I'd find it helpful to know which tools other analysts are using.

I'm envisioning an optional, dockable window where a list of tools (and possibly percentage/probability rank) exist to suggest the next tool most users add after the selected tool (or blank canvas).

For example, I open a new workflow and the window shows the following suggestions of tools:




Next, I add a File Input.  While the File Input tool is selected, the list updates to show the most utilized tool after a File Input:




If I click back onto the blank canvas though, the suggestion window reverts to:




Ideally, there would be the option of the Community stats and/or your local server/enterprise stats.




13 - Pulsar

This is actually a capability that Rapid Miner introduced naming it "the Wisdom of Crowds".


Although seems to be a clever idea it is kind of disassociated from the business and data understanding...

So answer to "what is the issue that you are fixing" is not know it may very well miss guide you... 


But with a better, a more contextual approach it may be considered... (probably by looking at the full list of connected tools to guess what you are trying to do?)


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar


Yes, a recommendation tool that's taking a guess at what you are trying to do may be more beneficial.


IMO Knime did a much better job of implementing this than Rapid Miner.


In Knime works like a dynamic "quick pick" list to get you the next tool you need without having to use search or scroll through the list of tools.  Maybe that's a better use case - getting you the next tool you need fast without needing search.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Great idea @patrick_mcauliffe - microsoft do a lot in this space with the office suite, and Tableau are doing a lot of work in this space recommending the visualisation type based on the data, and microsoft Power BI is doing the same (recommending a viz or a "small multiples breakdown" based on your data)


Great thinking!

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Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

Splashy new feature in the 2021.3 release!