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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Not only did the Alteryx Community continue to break records through March, our team also worked on our biggest release yet. In an effort to make this the central hub for all things Alteryx, we have moved the Alteryx User Groups over to the community, and made several other improvements to help surface important and useful content.
Alteryx User Groups
Originally hosted on LinkedIn, the Alteryx User Groups were recently moved over to the community to provide a 1 stop shop for Alteryx resources, discussions and provide more control to organizers. We worked closely with the awesome user group leaders during the transition to gather feedback and test out the new pages, and we're very happy with the final result! 
Visit the new User Groups landing page today to view the complete list of user groups per region, as well as the calendar of upcoming meet ups:
To learn more about Alteryx user groups and to find out how to start your own, check out this blog post from LaurenU: Join the Alteryx User Groups Today!
Unanswered Posts
The long awaited list of unanswered posts is now available directly on the community! Members of rank Asteroid or higher will now find a new tab on the home page, where they can easily browse and jump in to open threads where their peers still need help.
Global Notification
We added a new global notification that displays at the top of every page to allow us to share important product news and other announcements with you, regardless of where you land on the community. Clicking the 'x' will make the announcement go away for  30 days, until you clear your cache & cookies, or until the content of the announcement is updated - whichever comes first.
Welcome & Getting Started
A link to the Welcome & Getting Started area has been added to the footer so you can find your way back, where ever you are.
 We hope you enjoy these recent additions and improvements! Don't hesitate to continue sharing how you'd like to see the community evolve and improve via the Suggestions for our community. We look forward to hearing from you!