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Welcome to the June 2019 edition of Community Highlights!  For first time readers, this ongoing blog series delivers a curated dose of the latest community happenings so that you can keep a pulse on what’s hot, who’s in, and all of the latest trends.

In Case You Missed It

training.jpg*Community news & announcements.


Inspire Nashville Recap



Never. Stop. Learning.

*Alteryx Academy. All the training resources you need.


Alteryx Certification


We’re thrilled to announce our newest Alteryx Designer Expert Certified users who passed the Expert exam at Inspire Nashville.


Bingqian.pngDiganDiganGarret LodewyckGarret LodewyckCameron SteeleCameron Steele


Congratulations on joining the elite group of Expert Certified users!


Bingqian Gao (@bingqian_gao), Digan (@patrick_digan), Garret Lodewyck (@Garrett), Cameron Steele (@CameronSteele)


We’re also stoked to announce our very first Alteryx Certified Automation Master, Jesse Clark (@Claje), who passed the exam at Inspire Nashville. Last year Jesse became our first Alteryx Designer Expert at Inspire Anaheim. Congratulations to our certification pioneer!



Updates to Interactive Lessons


With the release of 2019.2 come updates to Interactive Lessons! The course Alteryx for Excel Users is the newest course to get a revamp with a fresh look, newly added lessons, and enlightening visuals.


excel lessons refresh.png



Weekly Challenge


Challenge #168: Missed the Born to Solve session at Inspire? No problem! You can solve the same workflow that ACE @patrick_digan asked solver-extraordinaire @estherb47 in front of a crowd...from the comfort of your own laptop.

Challenge #169: Get into the Women’s World Cup spirit by solving this challenge! Determine which team won the most matches leading up to the World Cup tournament. Go Team USA!



Challenge #170: For those that have never attended Inspire, we have a contest among the fastest Alteryx users on stage in front of the entire Inspire audience. This year, roughly 5000 attendees watched as the 5 finalists competed to solve each Heat.

Although you won't have the aid of a pit crew to help you along the way, feel free to time yourself as you try complete this workflow...the same workflow that our Racers at Inspire Nashville saw in Round One of the Grand Prix! Give yourself about 2-3 minutes to read and understand the question, then start the clock. On your marks...get set....GO!


Are there other Alteryx skills you’d like to put into practice? No problem. We’ve got you covered. You can browse all of the available challenges by difficulty and subject right here.


Nuts & Bolts

*Alteryx in Practice. Noteworthy Articles, Blog Posts + other pearls of wisdom.


This month we’ve got a couple ultimates: the 2019 refresh of ultimate book of Tips + Tricks, the monster 132 page companion to one of our most popular Inspire sessions. AND the ultimate guide to making the most efficient use of those rare times when you need to work with our magnificent Customer Support Engineers.

In Server land, check out How To: Manage a Collection and Alteryx Server System Settings Deep Dive - Engine, two excellent new articles to help you get the most out of your server implementation.

And, finally, straight from Connect Product Manager extraordinaire @VojtechT, read about what’s New in Connect 2019.2.



Read our Blogs


Catch up on what’s new in the recent 2019.2 release, especially the exciting new Assisted Modeling experience (in beta) and the new machine learning tools that make Assisted Modeling work.


Assisted Modeling.png

On the Analytics blog, Alteryx ACE @Deanna treats us to an excerpt of her recent ebook in Open Up a World of Opportunities: Seven Ways to Apply Location Intelligence. And @LDuane speaks the good word about why running hackathons and data challenges at your organization is a good idea, and how to do it in Learning Through Competition: The Alteryx Data Challenge Playbook.

Elsewhere, @DavidHa kicks of his new Engine Works series that will answer the age old question, "Will it Alteryx?" The first installment covers the increasingly popular distributed SQL query engine, Presto, but there are more in the works!


Culture & Events

*Immerse yourself in data and analytics culture.


ACE Highlights


New ACEs, new faces! We welcomed six new ACEs last month at Inspire Nashville!


Only four could make it to Inspire, but we can’t wait to celebrate with Samantha Hughes (@Samanthaj_hughes) and Yugandhar Muley (@ydmuley) in just a few months in London!




(from L to R) Fiona Gordon (@VizChic), Kenda Barnes (@Kenda), Nick Haylund (@Nick612Haylund), and Thales Donizeti (@Thableaus)  


We started off the week with our inaugural ACE/DEV Day: a jam-packed day with idea sharing/lightning talks/brainstorming with our ACEs and Developers. Huge thanks to @SteveA for kicking us off — it was a smashing success and we can’t wait to do it all over again across the pond!


We had 15 ACE breakout sessions split between Wednesday and Thursday, and capped off the week with an ACE Feedback Dinner with @AshleyK@DerekK@AJacobson@SteveA@TomSt@LindaT@AdamR@VojtechT, and @russell_christopher.


group pic-edited.jpg


Thank you to all our ACEs for hanging with us at the Community Hub and being the best team members ever! @TuvyL aka #TheHandler and the entire Community crew appreciate you all so very much!


jerseys-editedsmall.jpg .    TUVES.png



New episodes | Alter Everything Podcast



In episode 34: Efficiency vs. athleticism in basketball@NeilR  hosted Stan Van Gundy, former head coach and president of basketball operations for the Detroit Pistons and analyst for the NBA for a chat about the past, present, and future of basketball analytics. Stay tuned in until the very end of the episode for a story about Stan's connection to @LDuane.

In episode 35: Life as I notice it around me, Nadieh Bremer dials in from The Netherlands for a chat about her path to becoming a well known data visualization artist, and where she gets her inspiration. As a bonus, @SydneyF made her debut as a guest host on this episode and we can’t wait to hear more of what she has to say!

Already feeling nostalgia for Inspire Nashville? Subscribe to Alter Everything on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Soundcloud, or your favorite podcast app to hear our upcoming series of episodes that were recorded at Inspire!

Alter Everything Producer @MaddieJ wants to hear your feedback on the podcast. Message her on Community, email her at, or use the hashtag #AlterEverythingPodcast on Twitter to let us know what you'd like to hear next, or if you'd like to be a featured guest!


User Group News

*Find Your People, Build Your Network.


We were excited to host top contributors, User Group leaders, and ACEs at our annual Community VIP Event at Inspire Nashville! We spent a wonderful evening celebrating with drinks, appetizers, and trivia. In addition to awarding the top three most active users in our online community (@Thableaus@danilang, and @CharlieS) we recognized the London User Group as the first ever “User Group of the Year” based on their innovation, engagement, collaboration and overall organization as a group.


joe-LAUG of the year.jpg


The London leaders, @Joe_Lipski , @grodge13, and @paul_houghton have gone above and beyond in connecting fellow local Alteryx users and have even set up phenomenal meetings that include a Certification Day! Congrats again to the London User Group for all of your amazing work and continuous efforts.


Industry & Departmental User Groups


For the FIRST TIME EVER, Alteryx’s Industry & Departmental User Groups held their quarterly meetings at Inspire! We kicked off the last two days at the conference discussing the future of these User Groups, listening to customer stories, and networking with peers.

The presenters, Brian Scott (@brianscott) of City of Tallahassee, Tessa of Garmin International, Dorian Simons of St. Joseph Health, Jason Phillips of J.P. Morgan Chase, and Isacar Racine Rodriguez & Nuria Saavedra of Copa Airlines, shared their personal journey's into analytics and how the Alteryx platform has forever changed their lives.


Healthcare User GroupHealthcare User Group     Transportation + Logistics User GroupTransportation + Logistics User Group


Tax, Audit + Office of Finance User GroupTax, Audit + Office of Finance User Group     Marketing User GroupMarketing User Group


Public Sector User GroupPublic Sector User Group


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Leah Knowles
Senior Manager, Community Management & Programs

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles