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¡Hi everyone!

5 - Atom

My name is Fernanda Villegas and I´m from Mexico City. 🇲🇽


I´m 19 years old and I started working 2 months ago at OneTap Mexico. 
Basically I´m just an intern, but I´m doing my best to learn and gain experience. 🌠
What I like about my job is that my boss is a really cool person, and also I feel like I´m his padawan. Also I like that everything on OneTap is about technology and IT things, as in my carrer (I´m studying System Engineering).

I don´t have any expertise so I´m looking in this community a little of support in order to learn how to use Alteryx because I just know the concepts and also I´m looking to meet new people. 


My hobbies are playing the piano, playing videogames, doing exercise (Mostly gym or dance), reading, singing and hanging out with my friends (Clearly, beacuse of Covid, I´m not doing that these days). I also like to draw mandalas and take pictures of the sky and flowers. And more focused on my carrer, I love to program in Java or Phyton 

My username is @mafervicas 
Thanks and is a pleasure to be here

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hola, @mafervicas. Bienvenida a la Comunidad Alteryx! 

It is incredible to have you as part of our Alteryx family. You will see that we have an amazing group of people here that you can share your experiences with and take advices for you career. 

And since you are from Mexico City, I would like to invite you to check our Spanish Community - we have a lot of content and resources in Spanish that can help with your learning journey in your native language. 


-Flávia Brancato
Community Manager

Flávia Brancato